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DENNIS SAYS WELCOME - CBT Therapist, Counselling Psychologist, Personal Construct Therapist, Central or North London; accessible to Kings Cross

Welcome to this site. People have come to this service as an individual or a couple looking for support in a difficult time, solutions to concerns created earlier in their life (which can make tough times seem a bit harder) and as someone looking for positive solutions.PRACTICE

You would like to be:
* Resilient
* Happy
* Active
and a whole lot more, despite adversities

Some of the extra things which can get in the way (that I aim to help with) are:

* Possibly, you have a tendency to be a worrier; you wish happier things
* Perhaps there has been something traumatic in your life which has never quite resolved; you want it cleared up
* You might have additional stressful events surrounding this time; you want to feel strong against them
* Your nature has a ‘move- fast’ capacity when it comes to feelings; you wish to get things right
* You could be bothered in such time by Insomnia; you wish more rest
* Your style has a slight bias towards depression; you want to see a brighter side
* You may have physical pain associated; you wish to develop resilience
* You want to make decisions well
* You may need to journey through a difficult time


OK if this is you then I am a Therapist of a number of approaches. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), PCT (Personal Construct Therapy), REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) and MMT (Multi Modal Therapy). I don't apply them all at once but I do have a pluralistic stance. Some of these are slightly less well known than the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, such as Personal Construct Therapy. They all have something to offer depending upon circumstances and the nature of you.

ALTERNATIVES I also offer a service which isn't exclusively therapy focused where I use modern statistical tools to help you map out how you see yourself or work or relationships; this can be a more comfortable alternative to an individual therapy, a sort of 'personal cartography'. This falls a little closer to Personal Construct Therapy but has many connections to CBT and REBT

This is a specific area which concerns me and arises out of my own story:

 It's a fact that from time to time, in quite a few lives, a little rain comes in. It's good to have ideas and support to ride out a storm
 Nowadays, we wait for diagnosis of medical symptoms. In many places, such as in health, procedures and tests now are often complex
 We also may endure a lot of worry through stress at work which is caused at root by uncertainty about the future
 Legal processes can be a ‘trial’ in more senses than one by virtue of the waiting and threat
 You may have concerns to find the best ways to support a relative or friend with waiting in a worry time
 Sometimes waiting before examinations can be a worry time


On this site, you may find some links to help for you or your friends or family or even some ideas that bring you nearer to help.
If it's me you might like to engage with then my stance is that I like to take everyday concerns/ problems that as an Individual or Couple you might have and bring them into manageable strategies which can be tried out using skills.

For example, a little bit about CBT can be found BABCP. Here is one where you can have CBT as a course - Living Life to the Full Living Life to the Full. Here's a colleague whose site I admire - Michael Cameron Michael Cameron. And, here's a serious read about REBT written by one of the best scholars alive, Professor Windy Dryden Professor Windy Dryden. Being able to keep on true to oneself is important but I don't like the idea of just bouncing back - life has too much that's painful but have a look - Resilience Resilience. You might like a peep at a site I am slowly working towardsRead More/Click Here where the probem of waiting under difficult times is a bit explored. Regarding PCT, a taster of methods a taster of methods might be interesting plus some PCT theory PCT theory


I retire in the New Year, - April, and therefore offer now only a session or very few with a view to producing a report or recommendation of where to turn. This can be a useful step if you are wondering what to do without getting embroiled in a specific ongoing therapy.

Contact is any of a number of means, [I encourage looking around more than one person and various ways of doing things]:

Email: dennisscience@hotmail.com
Telephone: 07469 952112
Skype: dennis.bury1


Within access of London Kings Cross [rail, bus] and also North London. I use varied rooms which all tend to be rather practical because this suits my style.


Officially I am an Accredited CBT Practitioner click here BABCP (for more about CBT), UKCP Registered Psychotherapist Click here UKCP (for more about Psychotherapies): Personal Construct Therapist Click here PCP (for links to Personal Construct Psychology), Counselling Psychologist (Health and Care Professions Council Reg No PYL03235). I am a Member of the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Click here REBT for more about REBT

I charge a fee of £70 but I have spaces sometimes for less [ask if you wish details of that facility]

Contact is displayed if you wish to be in touch. CONTACT

Home. I tend to prefer tools and equipment in therapy and not only talk

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